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Beau vom Birken Wald

Beau vom Birken Wald

Beau is a nice solid black male out of Phoebe vom Grauen Wolf & Birken Wald's Jacson vom Konigsdorf. OFA Good hips & elbows, DM Clear. Beau is a very nice put together young male. Has had some search & rescue training. Excellent temperament around kids and othe household pets.


Remington vom Kistha Haus

Remington is our new male out of Just Fagen vom Kistha Haus "Rookie" & Rayne vom Kistha Haus. He is strong with good bone and a great disposition. Great with kids and other dogs. Hips OFA fair

Remington's Pedigree




Boy vom Birken Wald

Boy is a nice sable out of Girlie & Hannibal, up coming stud. He is fun, smart, and very easy to train. Hips OFA Good, Elbows Clear

Boy's Pedigree


Hank von der Haus Freund

Hank is out of Xoran vom Ludwigseck AD, BH, ShcH3 & Uranium de L'Avia. DM Clear, Hips OFA Good

Samson vom Birken Wald CGC  93% East

Sam is a nice large black & tan male out of Yanni von Grunberg & Draco vom Sand-N-Berg. He has an excellent temperament, good with kids, puppies & other dogs. Very intelligent, "gentle giant". Hip & elbow prelim's look good. DM Clear. Sam resides at NordOsten Kennel in Rowley, Ma. with Cathy Seale.


Den Wolf's Hannibal

Den Wolf's Hannibal

Hannibal is out of Arco von Crinitzleithen & Neumann's Unke. He has a great temperament, dark sable, OFA Good, Elbow's Normal and DM Clear.

Hannibal's Pedigree



Oso vom Oelmansdorf 100% East.

Bob vom Parchimer Land

Bob vom Parchimer Land, 100% East

Bob is a nice black & tan male out of Uncas vom Poppitz & Yina vom Parchimer Land. OFA Good, DM Clear. He is a full brother to Blue. Bob is very strong male with excellent temperament around kids and the environment. Big bone & substance with large head. Bob has been SOLD to NordOsten Kennel and is still available to Birken Wald Kennel.


Barry vom Birken Wald

Barry is a nice black & tan male who is being raise by my grand daughter, Haylee. They are both active in SchH training.



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