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Birken Wald Females


Ariel vom Konigsdorf 

Ariel is a nice dark red sable out of Cyrus von der Haus Gill & Gala Z Kostiviarskej. Hips OFA Good, elbows clear, DM clear.


Gabrielle vom Birken Wald

Gabrielle is a nice black & red female out of Alexis vom Konigsdorf & Samson vom Birken Wald. She is thick boned, sweet personality, yet protective instinct for strangers. (pictured pregnant)


Alexis vom Konigsdorf   97% East

Alexis is a nice bi-color female out of Yake vom Schwarzhorn & Yanka vom Ludwigseck. She is a medium size bitch with loads of drive. Very good with kids, friendly with a little suspicion, very well bred. Alexis is actively training in SchH/IPO.


Girlie vom Konigsdorf

Girlie vom Konigsdorf

Girlie is a nice sable out of Josie vom Konigsdorf & Sango. Well tempered girl with good bone. Girlie is Retired.

Girlie's Pedigree



Edee vom Birken Wald

Edee is a nice sable out of Arlett vom Grafental & Gero vom Haus Saffore. She is a very fun dog, always keeping us thinking. Very well bred back to some of the best east lines.

Edee's Pedigree


Yanni von Grunberg (R.I.P.)

In Memory of Yani von Grunberg  7/2/2003 - 9/28/2014

Yanni is a nice black & tan female out of Fran Zandos Dax ll & Vesta vom Grafental.  OFA good.

Yanni has an excellent temperament and very well bred.

Yanni was the best East German Shepherd female I could have ever gotten for my husband Richard from Sarah Waldorf. He had lost his other female Luna, High Line SchH 3 FH CD that he titled and I had Sarah look for another.She found Yanni. My husband and Yanni bonded right away.They went everywhere together.When he worked away she just put up with me.When he came home it was her first then me.I gave up getting up to great him.She will be greatly missed by my family, Tractor Supply , UPS and Public Service man and the grand kids.Mostly by my husband Richard.



Breeder of East German Shepherds for 20+ years.